Silver Sagebrush Handmade Incense


Silver Sagebrush Handmade Incense


Silver Sagebrush handmade Incense by Sydbotanica

Scent: white sandalwood, sagebrush, lavender, opopanax, white copal

Silver leaved sagebrush and comforting lavender burn softly with herbaceous presence. White copal contributes subtly citrus and resinous notes. Warm, rich sandalwood and opopanax envelope the base of the fragrance with notes of honey and earth. These ingredients meld together beautifully into a scent ideal for times of calm and relaxation. It will make your space feel warm, clean, and cozy.

Sagebrush possesses that certain earthy-but-clean scent of many sages, but it is not a true member of the sage family. Sagebrush is a species of Artemisia, whose most famous family members include mugwort and wormwood. This particular species, Artemisia ludoviciana, is known by many names and grows abundantly across North America. It was used by different Native American groups for a variety of medical and ceremonial purposes.

14 Incense Cones
• Burn time: 15 min
• 100% Plant Based

Pebble Burners are sold separately

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